Launching the Website

April 9th, 2019

Woohoo! The website is finally up! This was my first web dev project, and I learned a lot.

I chose not to use any frameworks or libraries, and build this up from scratch, and I did. I did use a little bit of jQuery, but nothing else.

Choosing a web host was surprisingly difficult... but I ended up going with Namecheap, which also happens to be where I bought my domain. I had some trouble figuring everything out, but it's all good now.

One problem I faced was creating a sitemap. Because the links to most of the pages are generated during runtime, site map generators couldn't properly map the site. I ended up adding a sitemap generator to the JSON Generator project.

Now to get the website up on Google...

Cover Image

This was a fun project, and it is finally done! I had to write all the posts over the past few weeks, and it was fun to revisit the memories and projects of the past year. That said, they were all written from memory, so they might not be %100 accurate. Otherwise, the bulk of the website's functionality has been ready for over a month.

I'll be updating this website with more posts as I work on more projects, hopefully starting with the Ludum Dare that's happening this month.

This website will serve as my personal blog, and hopefully as a portfolio/resume for any future work.